Gerringong Pharmacy can help Help You Keep Your Diabetes Under Control

Diabetes is a complex condition which often lasts for life and is becoming more prevalent in Australia. People with diabetes are unable to produce insulin which converts sugar from food into energy.

There are a number of types of diabetes;

  • Type 1 is where the pancreas stops making insulin altogether and patients normally need to be treated daily with insulin.
  • Type 2 diabetes normally affects older adults and as the body produces some insulin, the condition can often be initially managed with good diet and exercise.

Diabetes MedsCheck

If you would like to check you are using your medications correctly, you may like to book a free 30 minute Diabetes MedsCheck with one of our accredited pharmacists. To find out more about Diabetes MedsCheck, click here.

National Diabetes Supply Scheme

Gerringong Pharmacy is a registered National Diabetes Service Scheme sub-agent. This means that we are able to provide NDSS registrants with a range of Government subsidised products including testing strips for checking blood glucose levels, insulin syringes and insulin pen needles as well as information services on managing life with diabetes.

To register for the supply scheme, applicants need to be diagnosed with diabetes, hold a current Medicare card and must be an Australian Resident or covered under Reciprocal Health Care Agreement. Registration is free. If you would like to register contact us for a NDSS registration form, we will be happy to help you through the registration process. For current registrants just bring in your NDSS registration card to take advantage of the subsidised products.

Gerringong Pharmacy also stocks a range of glucose testing machines and diabetes related products. So come in and see us if you would like information about how to best manage your life with diabetes.

For more information speak to our pharmacist, your health care professional and visit Diabetes Australia and NDSS web sites.