Quality Care Pharmacy Program

The Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) is a quality assurance program developed by the Pharmacy Guild Of Australia. The Quality Care Program raises the standard of customer service in pharmacies across Australia to improve health outcomes.

Quality Care Pharmacy accreditation means the service we provide is of a particularly high standard. For the community, it means our consumers can be assured of more contact with their pharmacist and well informed staff at both the dispensary and the retail counter. Being assured of more direct contact with the pharmacist is of greatest importance to people with special medication needs, who often require the support of their pharmacist to manage a range of medications.

For some people, it’s as simple as being able to get advice about which cold and flu preparation would be compatible with their blood pressure medication or which pain reliever would be most appropriate given the non-prescription drugs that they are taking.

The Quality Care Pharmacy Program allows consumers to be confident that they will always get a high standard of service and care when they visit their pharmacy – and not only from the pharmacist, but from every member of the team.

Gerringong Pharmacy is proud to be a Quality Care Accredited pharmacy. For more information on the QCPP program and how it works, click here.